Welcome to Myanmart, an art gallery, exhibition space and reading room featuring emerging contemporary artists from Myanmar. Our unique space, strong local following and calendar of events makes us one of the pioneer destinations promoting the creative community working in Yangon and other cities around the country. With regular exhibitions of talented artists, musical concerts, poetry readings, dance events, life drawing sessions, artist talks, lectures and tours, Myanmart is expanding the growing interest in current Myanmar subcultures.

Read about Founder/Director of Myanm/art here.

At Myanmart:

+ We offer art tours around the city, tailor made for visitors interested in viewing or purchasing artwork.

+ We sell up and coming contemporary art works, from sculpture and photography to paintings and installations.

+ We have a vast resource library with hundreds of reference materials relating to local and international art histories.

+ We host regular events listed on our Facebook page, Myanmar’s favored social media site.

+ We rent our space for unique creative events, from open mic sessions to poetry readings


Myanm/art serves artists and collectors to give a meaningful platform to the contemporary arts in Myanmar. By contemporary, we mean emerging artists creating work which pushes beyond the traditional styles of figurative, impressionist and abstraction.

Contemporary in Myanmar means a diverse group of female and male artists, conceptually strong and relevant to current sociopolitical circumstances in Myanmar today. We especially focus our efforts on young artists under 40 years of age, those with a strong voice but without spaces to expose their work in Yangon.

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