Aung Myint for Sale

When I first encountered U Aung Myint, it was clear that he was a highly respected and well-known individual on the arts, in Yangon and abroad. Everyone knew who he was and he appeared to be the oldest member of the group (though I found this not to be true later). I have more recently known him as a champion of modern and contemporary art forms. His paintings speak to his early exposure to modern movement artists from the West yet at the same time, achieve the fluidity of the murals and fresco Buddha and Nat paintings on monastery and temple walls. He’s been written about countless times in newspapers and magazines all over the world. I even wrote a review for C-Arts. See the story here.

Just happened to walk through River Gallery the other day and who should greet me on the wall? None other than a few of Aung Myint’s paintings.  I was surprised how inexpensive they were, especially considering that the gallery takes 30% of the sale. Aung Myint is a legend around here. Surely the selling price should reflect the value of such a reputation?

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