Words, Lines and Threads

A solo exhibition of Burmese calligraphy by Jose Abad

Words, Lines and Threads are visual images in my head. Dys- difficult, lexis – words. The difficulty of dealing with words, read and written, is what defines the term Dyslexia or word-blindness.

Focusing on the practice of calligraphy, I re-write Burmese textbook lessons and explore dyslexia as a creative form rather than a learning difficulty. I embody the character of a scribe, hand-copying text, with ink and brushes on a large, rice paper sheet. Through this journey of artistic experimentation I became interested in the topics of memory, repetition and mindfulness. In this way I represent text from personal experience to artistic mode of practice.

In this style, after the words are first written on the paper, I made an intervention on the written text. I draw a line as a thread that links up one letter to another and combines all the written words in a row of rhythms. This line creates new patterns from dyslexic words repetitions and it transforms the knitted words together into a new interwoven visual text.

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