Aung Myat Htay was born in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma). He started his art education at Fine Art School in Mandalay and graduated with a BFA from University of Art and culture, Yangon. Without being concerned by traditional means of expression, he explores the potential in the freedom of expression found in contemporary art. He expresses social messages with work that combines contemporary aesthetic with traditional forms of painting and sculpture. He is also known as a curator in Myanmar’s art community since 1998. In addition to his involvement within Myanmar, He has presented work in several regions in Asia including Thailand, India, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. In 2010 he participated in Fukuoka Asian Art Museum residency program. He has also participated in Live Art 2011 in Banglore, India. Recently he participated in the Koganecho Bazaar International Art Festival at Yokohama, Japan.  Aung Myat Htay was a Finalist for the 2012 Sovereign Asian Art Prize. In 2014 he was awarded a grant from ACC (Asian Cultural council) in New York to participate in a six month residency program to do research on contemporary art practice, meet the artists and curators, and create new work in USA. Aung Myat Htay is currently based in Yangon.

“Art is to sharing and contact with Nature surround us. We start with simple line, but later more complicated life.  The journey, maybe in my mind, to the beginning of where we started, its probably the wayto get the chance of restart our life process. Also that could be questioning and encountering us what can we do in this situation as a new mankind. Eventually may become the chance of new-born like in the universe without all influence traditions ofmany generations of Art. This is also strongly against to the words ” Nothing can do as a new in Art “.

Aung Myat Htay, 2017

Consciousness of Realities Solo Exhibition

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