A solo exhibition by Khin Thet Htar Latt
Opening 4 October – 28 October

The project named A COUNTRY, A TOWN, A HUMAN is a collection of works which portrays the reflection of real life situations where one looks for and questions existence and identity.

Read the review on The Myanmar Times website here.

A COUNTRY consists of the map of Myanmar in which the works represent the attempt to understanding one’s own country, titled “The New Map of Unity and Diversity, Land for Sale.” The work serves a youth trying to understand their country through experiences struck by politics, economics and social circumstances.

A TOWN is based on the personal experience of the artist arriving for the very first time to Mrauk Oo in Rakhine state. The artist approached it in the perspective of identifying being and existence of self. As a person who grew up in the city of Yangon, Khin Thet Htar Latt was particularly shocked by the water shortage in Mrauk Oo, where both women and men go out to get water with large silver pots. The pots then became the creative content of the work as a photographic series, alternatively as a pagoda made of pots. These elements were re-created with the intent to wish the whole district to have plenty of water resources and an inflow of gifts in money where people imagined water as an imagery of money.

A HUMAN refers to the artist as well as the women from Rakhine Mrauk Oo who are the same age with me. This part includes the artist’s performance piece performed and created in Mrauk Oo as well as the interviews with the women of the town about their experiences living in this ancient city.

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