To view more of Zoncy’s work, specifically the series shown at SEA Focus 2019, please visit Art Loft Asia.

Unreachable Memory
Digital Print on Acrylic
24 x 36 in

Zon Sapal Phyu (Zoncy), b. 1987, Tanintharyi.

Unreachable Memory is the most recent photographic series by Zoncy, where she explores elements of her family´s past through snapshots of her grandparents´ village in the Ayeyarwaddy region. The faces and place glow with an unnatural light, due to the positive turned negative effects of the film. But the details of village life are clearer than ever with the silvery light behind them. Zoncy invites the audience to find space inside these captured moments, get to know the characters, and feel the nature of their presence. Zoncy developed a strong passion in poetry and creative writing, in which she was well- trained in Myanmar Literature composition. She was trained in Modern painting and post-modern practices at New Zero Art Space, soon she focused in performance in 2009 and She closely works within a network of friends who are social and political activists, and individuals and organizations from different community levels, in which she is also a trainer in creative advocacy, community theatre and multicultural education. Willingly engaged in challenging and changing issues and discourses of today Myanmar’s political ground generates her to understand and work within a complex but affirmative process in art making and personal constitution. The most promising aspect of her artistic activity is that of balancing self-understanding among up and down dynamics of societal demands.