There are only six things that we can do inside our minds that we can recall or create: words, pictures, sounds, tastes, smells and feeling). They are received by us through our 5 senses: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory. These senses filter and alter internal representations – coded, ordered and given meaning. If incidences or happenings match with these codes, memories surface and thoughts come up in our mind. These thoughts create emotions and behaviors.

For example, when someone eats a mango for the first time and that mango is sweet, they code in their brain that a mango is sweet. So whenever they see or hear about mangoes, they feel that sweetness. The taste of mango may also conjure memories of a moment in time and bring other sensations associated with its sweetness, smell and texture.

In any kind of happenings in our life, good or bad, the most effective way to balance the outcome is to understand the processes of the mind and be able to control it. People get stressed for many different reasons that they cannot control. So what can we do to decrease stress? We can try to understand the process and master it.

Zun Ei’s intention for this exhibition is to give the audience an experience where they reset their minds – perhaps removing bad memories or empowering their minds to form good memories.

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