See the more ARTistic side of Yangon! Join us for one of the following package tours or let us create one according to your interests. Please contact to book.

Downtown Walking Tour (1/2 day)
40 USD (or Myanmar Currency Equivalent)
Includes Refreshments and an Expert Guide

Dozens of galleries and artist studios dot the historic streets of Yangon. Weaving in and out of the grid of historic buildings, visitors can often miss the gallery locations. We start at Myanm/art with a refreshment and a quick overview of Myanmar’s fascinating art history. We then walk one of several routes in the downtown area. We will visit 4-6 galleries, depending on how long we spend in each, and stop for a cold drink along the way. This tour may include:

River Gallery, Lokanat Gallery, Pansodan Scene, Myanmar Deitta, Pansodan Gallery, Open Space Yangon, Nawaday Tharlar, Gallery 65, New Zero Art Space, and many more!

Uptown Driving Tour (Full Day or 1/2 day)
50 USD (or Myanmar Currency Equivalent)
Includes Transport, Refreshments, Expert Guide and Short Lecture

There are great studios and galleries outside of downtown, but you need a car to get there. We can take you from Golden Valley to the Industrial Zone, where you will be introduced to gallery owners and artists working and contributing to the larger scene in Myanmar. We start at Myanm/art for introduction to the art scene and some reference material, then head out into the northern neighborhoods for a morning or afternoon of viewing. Taxis or private car can be arranged and prices split between participants. This tour may include:

KZL Art Gallery, New Treasure Art Gallery, Yangon Gallery, Tiger Art Gallery, Beikthano Art Gallery and more.

****Traffic in Yangon is getting worse and driving schedules will be based on the flow of traffic during that particular day. We will do our very best to minimize time spent in the cars.****


Art Collectors’ Tour (Full Day or Two Half days)
60 USD (or Myanmar Currency Equivalent)
Includes Transport and Refreshments, Expert Guide and Short Lecture

Interested in investing in the local art community? Have something in mind or not sure what you’re looking for? We can help. Our collector’s tour is tailored for those interested in purchasing art to last a lifetime. You are not obligated to buy anything, but we can make sure you are seeing the best of the best in terms of artwork, reputation, price and provenance.

  • Visit Galleries specializing in collectible work
  • Learn about the local, regional and international art market
  • Speak to gallery owners, dealers and artists about the best investments
  • Listen to a history of art collection in Myanmar, and which museums are collecting
  • Great finds at great prices for investing in alternative mediums such as photographers and young, emerging artists just beginning to make their mark on the art scene

    Artist Studio Visits (Full Day or Two Half Days)
    70 USD (or Myanmar Currency Equivalent)
    Includes Transport and Refreshments, Expert Guide and Short LectureThough all tours will include a conversation with one or more artists, this tour was created to visit artist studios only (some of which double as galleries). This is an opportunity to get up close and personal with Myanmar artists who can share their experience, their work, and answer your burning questions about art in Myanmar. Subject to artist availability. Translation available.
  • Visit artists where they live and work to learn about their process
  • See the artists at work, view their own collections, find out what’s next
  • Speak with artists about their view on the local art scene and discuss their art philosophy
  • View presentations of their past work Please contact Nathalie Johnston for questions and booking at