7 September – 27 September

Myanmore Magazine: Kaung Su – The Birth and Death of Civilisation

Kaung Su

“Lord of time, intangible, I touch thee
Lord of fate, unknowable, I know thee
Lord of dark, invisible, I view thee… “

Time flows with myth and cult…
‘ O prophecy of time , let me hear the voice of oblivion. I’ve found so many times, feelings of holy cities rise and fall,
birth and death of arrested societies, the fate of abortive civilizations, conflict of isms and beliefs, decline of wisdom.
If there is a new fertile crescent in the dawn of the future, let it grow….

The exhibition motif of “Ashes of the Time” is an aesthetic compromise between bygone ages and artistic epiphany, trying to recapture the moment of forgotten culture, trying to recall the historical relics, celestial hierarchy, the nemesis of creativity, holocaust in buried bottles, the synopsis of our origins. They are knowledge-based expression. They are filled with the elemental rhythm of history. They were buried in vanished glory, but I can run through the receding past that lies beneath us. I look back to humankind’s careless past and also similarly look forward to the future of over-ambition.

Each result is the blossom of twelve thousand years. History has given us the means for spatial lessons: loss of control, attack from outside, disorderly state, arrested, blood thirstiness. Humankind’s dreams are their stars, their destiny, their trap. There are a billion of different ashes screaming to be heard and nothing will be done. History is quaking. A disaster is waking. The deep past is still bright.

World is the place of blind passage, full of departures. The homely world, the casual world, so ashy. The thousand memories and shading of living moments are faded. Ash flower
has fallen upon the tongueless cities. Centuries came, wings full of consequence. Seasons died upon the abounded hours.
O, people are lost in the painful light of eons, then they would thirst for their unforgiving recollection of the past…..

I hear the Charon’s* bell ringing faintly. Here only, unreal reality, unnatural breeze, devil’s ledger. All things that elapse and transform and come again upon the earth. Only the earth endures forever…

– Kaung Su

*In Greek mythology, Charon (or Kharon) is the ferryman of Hades, god of the underworld.

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