“Mayco Naing, is today an important figure in contemporary Asian photography. Mayco rose to prominence when the universities had been shut down by the military and she got a job at a photo studio for 3000 kyats (about $3) a month. Having spotted an YPF poster in 2010, she attended her first master classes, received the Creative Prize, exhibited abroad (the Lyon Biennale, the Bangkok Biennale, festivals in Lishui and Dali in China), Mayco was finally able to have her first solo exhibition at home. Her portrait series, entitled Identity of Fear, captures the Zeitgeist of the Burmese generation born around the time of the 1988 revolution, raised with little education, conservative values, and coming of age under a repressive military regime. Drawing on her newly-found freedom of expression and the desire to share her experience, Mayco hopes to be able to train as many citizen artists and photojournalists as possible, especially in regions where ethnic minorities are still facing armed conflicts.”           

                            Aline Deschamps, The Eye of Photography, March 2017.