The Long and Short of It

Qiu Zhijie

I begin with the Giant Panda of the Euro-termed “Far East” not only because of its massive influence but fantastic succession into a sort of Hollywood of contemporary art.  China is the self-proclaimed “Middle Kingdom” and the unapologetic fanfare that comes along with all the art now is typical of such an economy with a meteoric rise.  Its exciting, chaotic, rich in both name and currency… but its not what gets me off.

Hence the title “Southeast Asian Contemporary” and not “China in all its Glory.”  I will post a few more photos of this past trip to China and the art I saw there.  It illustrates my point above.  But the posts following will include art and artists from the following countries: Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.  There is a state of mind, a spirit in these places – whether driven by religion, corruption, censorship, nature, or history – that is unique to only this region.  And I intend to find the expressions of their people and record them, even if only for my own benefit.  My own art is to live through theirs.

Reporting/Working/Studying/Playing in Southeast Asia: ArtINSTINCT

Upcoming posts:

Beijing/Shanghai Art 2009

Beyond Pressure Performance Festival – Yangon, Myanmar

Befriended in Bandung, Indonesia

Asia Pacific Triennial, Australia

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