Bodyreports 2 – Lokonat Gallery

August 15 2010
Lokonat Gallery.  Bodyreports 2.  Unfortunately missed Htoo’s performance of passport-sized photo taking. Arrived in time for Emily Phyo’s performance and 3 others.  Explained via photos in my camera and article for Eva.  Then went to New Zero.  Most people from New Zero had nothing to do with the event and did not even attend.
Mrat Lunn Htwann  O!picnic Version  Performance
This one is especially poignant b/c he’s part of his own performance documentation
Emily Phyo  Performance
Emily Phyo  Performance
Reading from the newspaper about Cyclone Nargis
Ko Jeu          Sound Installation
Di Thar    Human Canvas (people paid to tattoo whatever they wanted on his body)
only 3 obliged

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