plAy, Art From Myanmar Today

This was the exhibition at Osage Singapore (which as far as I know, no longer exists as it did at the time) called plAy, curated by Isabel Ching and Yin Ker. I assisted Po Po in his project title “Terrace” where we grew rice in over 2000 lunch boxes over one month, on the roof of the gallery. Other artists included Tun Win Aung, Wah Nu, Aung Myint and his performance/installation, Ko Z, Emily Phyo and many, many more. I was later asked to write an academic piece for the show’s catalog. Not only was my piece rejected time and again but the catalog was then never published because of lack of funds. I’ve never known Osage to skimp on the Chinese artists and their needs for catalogs…but nonetheless, the show was incredibly important not only because of the awareness it brought but the way it avoided, or rather circumvented, the question of politics in Myanmar contemporary art.

Emily Phyo  The Taste of Liquid  Installation
Ko-Z         Room                 Installation with Photos, Video
Tun Win Aung      The Train      Mixed Media
Po Po in front of his rice plants
Rice in lunch boxes, what was to be “Terrace,” an indoor installation
Nyein Chan Su         Near Mandalay                 Video
Nyein Chan Su    Nat     Print with acrylic and enamel
Wah Nu  Aung Zeya Light Project No. 1  Video Installation
Aung Myint          The Intruders      Performance/Installation

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