Art in Trans lation

It has been many months since I’ve regularly posted, and I suppose that has everything to do with SO MANY art activities going on in Yangon. When it’s not raining, Yangon is active, and I’m happy to say that I’ve been a part of it. And yet, as the rains approach us, many things have passed by or transformed or revealed themselves. It helps move one on to the next big thing. And for me, it is this:


Just like 7000 Padauk a couple of years ago, we are crowdfunding once more, and I do believe this project contributes greatly to a new Southeast Asian art historical movement, in which Myanmar MUST have a voice. As a researcher, I started off with primary sources only. While that was invaluable, and I am forever grateful to all the artists and amazing people who helped me on that road, I also want to read, in the voice of the artists. Myanmar Contemporary Art I is one such work where the authors wanted to pass into history the names, dates, venues, conversations, and images that have guided hundreds of artists around the country. Now it can be around the word? Let’s wait and see.

Help us out by SHARING, PLEDGING SUPPORT, TWEETING, FB, INSTAGRAM – any and all support is welcome.

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