The Ash (1970 – )

We had a wonderful opening party for Nyein Chan Su’s solo exhibition, as well as our Grand opening. Over 150 people showed up to celebrate! We will follow this opening with a screening this Friday of Lu Zaw – a Socialist era movie – along with an artist talk by NCS, discussing the Socialist period to which his paintings allude.

The paintings are all for sale, ranging in price from 1500 to 3500 USD. Nyein Chan Su is one of the premier contemporary artists in Myanmar, cofounder of Studio Square and New Zero Art Space, and one of Myanmar’s pioneering performance artists. A Myanmar art collection is not complete without him. 

#artcollecting #myanmar #burma #artgallery #asianart #ncs2016 #socialism #socialistart #vintagephotography #1970s #contemporaryart 

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