Black Elephant Lacquer

The ancient art of lacquerware has enriched the cultural makeup of Burma/Myanmar for centuries. Today, hundreds of skilled artisans are trained in preserving this tradition. Black Elephant Lacquer is a movement unto itself – one that is pushing the ancient art forward into a future of preservation and development. Along with the Institute of Bagan Lacquer, Black Elephant works with families whose skill in lacquer have been passed down for generations, and continue trainings and expansions within the realm of traditional lacquer design, etching and production.

What makes Black Elephant different from the rest? Its dedication to new design while preserving the original process of making. The quality and condition of the lacquer pieces produced by Black Elephant are unparalled anywhere in Myanmar, and the designs are unique, not only reflecting the cultural symbols of Burma, but also expanding design techniques used throughout Asia in this continental tradition.

Please join us for a celebration and reception of the work of Black Elephant lacquer, meet the makers and designers, and peruse the stunning pieces created this year for the collection.

The collection is also sold at the Asia Society in New York and the V&A Museum in London.


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