I Am Drunk: A Solo by Bay Bay

Bay Bay has a story to tell. A battle between two selves – the drunk and the sober. To manage, she draws, and her drawings she confesses her addiction. She seeks to share, not to hide.

We are very happy to support Bay Bay in her journey toward sobriety. Many artists suffer the affliction of alcoholism. This is not a celebration of an addiction, but an honest representation of its struggle.

Many thanks to Bay Bay and Mayco Naing for trusting us to share this journey and Bay Bay’s immense artistic talent.

Artist Statement:

I have a cat. He is very bossy but when I draw, he is always beside. I saw my brother poet two pens. When I am with my family I have no privacy and therefore no chance to have a drink. I have a different life than I used to. I was so free in my life before. Within 3 years, I become a drunk, but I am a weak and shy person. I started to drink in order to talk more and then as medicine. I don’t think I am so in love with alcoholism but only use it to become my metabolized self. I think it’s connected with both my mental and physical problem.

Mostly i got this draw from insomnia while cutting our alcohol. These are the most longest times of my life. I am in hospitals, locked at home and in my hometown.

I am so relaxed/free after each drawing sessions Socialite mobilization, Khin & Shwe’s house warming, a view of my hometown window, a whisky glass falling down, my cat and me, my father after he scold me, depression in a chair, a boat in sea, and a flower for peace. I know myself. I have talent, and I try for art & concentration. But it is not enough to keep me alive. These are different paths I take waiting until end of my life mostly. I don’t know how to live more tomorrow.

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