March in the Land of the Freeish

There are far more posts which have not yet been hatched but I thought I would take a moment to share what I’ve been working on, in anticipation of the coming months of active blogging and web set-up.

After trekking to Ngapali to visit with Tha Di Thar at the Cyan Bay Art Gallery on the beach, and rubbing shoulder with San Naing, a talented abstract painter originally from the beach area, I took the bumpy bus ride over the Rakhine Mountains to Thuye’dan, where I witnessed a beautiful village happening and ongoing project with Aung Ko and Nge Lay.

From there, I returned to Yangon to finalize details on 7000 Padauk – our newest project of temporary art space for April Water Festival in Yangon. Check out the video and description here. Flying back to Washington D.C. via Beijing, I am now preparing for a meeting with Radio Free Asia Burmese in D.C. followed by an interview with June Yap, curator of the Guggenheim’s No Country Southeast Asian art exhibit in New York. I owe the Myanmar Times several articles which are underway.

Finally, on 18 March 2013 at the Pratt Institute Library from 12:30 to 2 pm, I will present Homegrown: Performance Art in Myanmar (Burma)  from 1988 – Present.

Hoping to update as usual, just as soon as I get over this jetlag.

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