Rendezvous II Overdue

Southeast Asian graffiti artists join in Yangon for Rendezvous Part II – a graffiti show, live tagging event and symposium. Highlights include Escape Va’s talk on making business decisions with your graffiti, Zero talking tagging in Singapore and all it complications, and YEAH! from Indonesia combining his love of building motorbikes with his passion for graffiti. Not to mention the R.O.A.R crew and Chit Thut, Sonic and several other artists from Myanmar talk about what its like to tag in Burma. With up to 5 minutes and a lot of judgmental neighbors, it doesn’t sound easy.

Best stencil: Ne Win dressed as Colonel Sanders

Best conversation overheard: where to BOMB, when to BOMB, how to BOMB, love BOMBING

Least appealing aspect: 6 hours of graffiti symposium talks is too much guys, especially for graffiti artists.



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