Release of Artistic Rage (aka ROAR) is an artist collective including Wunna Aung, Bart, Chit Htut, and Micro. These four artists living and working in Yangon use the streets as their canvas and spray paint as their medium. Beyond being “street artists”, they are part of a larger movement among a younger generation of artists in Myanmar to embrace graphic and product design, animation, and site-specific work, in order to speak to the public through public works.

In ROAR: UNLEASHED, the artists will tranform Myanm/art into an urban jungle of street style, working directly on the walls of the space to explore what it means to be living in these chaotic times through graffiti. Following an animal theme, their works will speak symoblically to the animal-human spirit, what connects us to the wild, the will to break free. Spray paint is the medium that grounds ROAR, the ‘sport’ where they wander the streets at night, the art that enables them attend art school and work as graphic designers. In the city, at home, they are functioning, law-abiding, civilized. UNLEASHED, they are free from restrictions and limits.

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