Being 365: Emily Phyo

UPDATE: Being 365 featured in Frieze magazine Critic’s Guide to Southeast Asia. Check out the link here!

In a lengthy portrait series, artist Emily Phyo, a performance and installation artist in Myanmar, photographed 365 human portraits on the 365 days of 2015. She records names, ages, and faces of each. What makes these portraits so marvelous and unique is their ability to relate to much of her other work, candid and diverse. A measuring tape hides the eyes of her subjects, giving a false anonymity, in contrast to the details she lists on each of her portraits. Posted on Instagram and Facebook, she performed this photographic series in real time, and its record is displayed at Myanm/art in order to reflect on a year gone, and 365 lives lived.

Opens Saturday, 13 August at 6 pm. Runs through 1 September 2016.



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