“People hate black because they think it means something bad, but I love it. Black is pure and sincere. It absorbs all the other colors, it’s very tolerant.”

Aung Myint is an esteemed artist and co-founder of Inya Art Gallery. His artwork has evolved over decades to include abstract painting, installation, ceramic art and performance. Known to many as the father of contemporary art in Myanmar, he is applauded for encouraging and inspiring many of Myanmar’s most well-respected artists and curators, through hosting experimental workshops at Inya Gallery, to acting as advisor to young and ambitious creative people who span generations. A great equalizer among the community, Aung Myint has achieved legendary status in the flowering arts scene of Myanmar.

Please join us as we honor him and his newest series. The title EXPEDITION reflects Aung Myint’s search for a new method, a new journey through abstraction. His natural inclination is to take a white canvas and begin to paint. Once he begins to paint, his piece comes to life almost through instinct. His inspiration depends upon the condition of his environment, one day changing from the next. In his newest mixed media series, he uses a kind of handmade paper found in Chiang Mai. He explores its use as a kind of garment or covering for objects. Its use mirrors his previous work with handmade paper from Shan state. The black, white and red canvases explore materials and stylistic impressions that mimic some of his previous work, while departing from the old and engaging with new territories of patterns, shapes, colors and themes.

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