The Enigmatic Breakfast: Photographic Series by Kyaw Htoo Bala

I’m not one to wake up late. However, it takes some time for me to get out of bed in the mornings.

Sometimes I examine myself up close, sometimes from afar. On some occasions, I would have a look at my own guts. A gasp slips through my mouth as I stare at my own mind. Fear and memories, libido and pain, some embarrassing moments of the human existence, strength and drive, lucidity and slime, seeing the world through the eyes of a cockroach as it crawls across the bathroom tiles. Normally, I don’t eat breakfast. But this enigmatic breakfast, I have it in my bed.

Artist Bio:

Kyaw Htoo Bala ( b. 1992 Myanmar ) . A Fine Arts photography graduate from Lasalle College Of The Arts Singapore. He received his Diploma in Computer Arts from National University of Art and Culture, Myanmar (2012). From 2011, he started pursuing art. He has taken part in Lasalle Showcase exhibitions starting from the year of 2015 to 2017. He worked a four-month internship as junior curator at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore. He is particularly interested in Digital Arts, Photography based arts and Installation Art. He is fond of human behaviors and storytelling. Most of his visual arts are translated from texts which he composes first. He gets inspirations from literature, movies and music. He loves walking slowly and rainy mornings and working as a freelance artist/ art director in the city of Yangon.

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