Yangon Downside UP!

New Urban Topologies is a conference hosted by Färgfabriken, a Swedish organization devoted to shedding light on changing cities and emerging urban development.

This year in Yangon, the program will feature multiple sites and discussions, a workshop, street fair and partnerships with some of the cities most exciting and influential organizations like Doh Eain, Bikes in Yangon, and more.

Guests from Phnom Penh will come to Yangon to share their own experiences working in an ever changing city.

Join us for an exciting series of discussions, meals, activities and presentations. Let’s Change Yangon for the better with the interest of citizens at its core!

One thought on “Yangon Downside UP!

  1. Can you send me any more information on Yangon Downside Up! I think I will be in Yangon at this time and would be interested to attend if that is possible?

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