Thu / Thu’ ko / Thu ei

An exhibition of mixed media artwork by Myanmar artists Sandar Khaing, Nge Lay, So Pyay Win, Chuu Wai Nyein, Zoncy, Nge Nge, Zun Ei Phyu, Ma Ei, Yadanar Win, Emily Phyo, Khin Thethtar Latt, and Thyitar.

We began discussing the exhibition as a possibility for a younger generation of artists to create an energy through their artwork based on their respective life experiences. While each of these artists identifies as a woman, this is not a “women’s art exhibition.” Nor is it an exhibition with a goal to describe the condition of being a woman. These artists are more than their gender identification, they are complex beings with extensive reach in various aspects of society – including politics, medicine, fashion, music, performing arts, project managements, publishing, filmmkaing, and activism. They are citizens of a changing city and country, they are caretakers and independent earners.

We are not here to present you with women artists. We are here to talk about art, about ourselves, about our work, our dreams, and the reality of having multiple identities as a woman or an artist or a reckless and emotional human being.

More to come…


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