Infinity Rising by Kaung Su

Cosmos have endless depth;
Earth is dying stardust,
Love is an eternal prison,
And we are all streaming in the dark flow of the multiverse…..

Three million years ago, we were ape-men. A wave of anthropogenic sources swept across the every continent, no mayday, no signal. We bring art, science, wars, love, literature and meaning to the Earth. My view is that we humans represent an isolated island of meaning in the meaningless galaxy. I see no reason for the existence of the human race, there is surely no final course or purpose.
“Infinity Rising” is testimony letter to humanity, addressing about our origin, new faces of the cosmos, our environment, our life and love……, also a celebration of our outrageous fortune in existing at all. I have chosen to make my neon pieces in the language of aestheticepiphany. Their meanings have become my experience of thought and life.


I owe my thanks to Nathalie (Myanm/Art) for suggesting the idea of neon solo exhibition. I must also thank Diamond neon advertising for cooperating on preparing the abstract neon installation work.

Kaung Su
February 7, 2018

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