Intersection: Nicola Anthony and Marc Nair

Intersection is presented in partnership with Intersections Gallery in Singapore, a supporter of the arts in Singapore, Myanmar and beyond.

Intersection is an exhibition about an encounter between poetry and visual art through the work of poet Marc Nair and visual artist Nicola Anthony. The work maps an architecture of memory at the junction of three diverse cities: Yangon, London, and Singapore.

A recipient of the 2016 Young Artist Award, Marc is a poet, spoken word performer and photographer inspired by his many travels around the world. Nicola has recently had her solo exhibition at Singapore Art Museum, and is a British artist who grew up in London, with family originating from India, working internationally. She often creates text-based art and uses innovative processes to create her artworks, light sculptures, and kinetic art.

The exhibition has been four years in the making and both artists took time to journey to each city to engage in field research. Nicola’s artworks reflect and even embed Marc’s poems and, in turn, the poems evolve in response to Nicola’s artworks in a creative dialogue.

The exhibition consists of installation works and drawings. An artist book has been published based on the exhibition. It is printed as a limited edition risograph, a technique resulting in exquisite pages with the feel of handmade screen prints.

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