I’m Not Trying To Seduce You is an exhibition of works created by Yangon based artists and fashion image-makers Calum Minuti and Richie Htet, the exhibition will feature all new works. 

This exhibition is an exploration into the idea of the Burmese Femme Fatale. Inspired by Aestheticism, the artists have created work with a wide range of outcomes including fashion photography, illustration and fine art. With color and form to emote a subtle sexuality, the works intend to remain ambiguous when it comes to seduction, leaving the power with the women depicted and not with the viewer. 

Richie Htet is a Burmese illustrator and fashion image-maker based in Myanmar. While He usually uses traditional forms of illustration technics to create his work, he has experimented with a wide selection of media ranging from animation to digital painting. With a strong emphasis on the human figure, Richie deals with themes of eroticism and sexuality based around the ideas of aestheticism. 

Calum Minuti is a visual artist and fashion image-maker currently based in Yangon. He creates works using a wide range of media and technics, from simple pen on paper to embroidery or digital image rendering software. His work is always focused on the human form and the human experience, whether that is through the exploration of personal identity, gender politics or simple life drawing.

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