It all started from the time when I noticed the reality seemed not as fun to live in anymore. As we grow older, we lose what we see and feel as a child. We could imagine whatever we want and have fun living in that imaginary world as long as we want. As an adult, I noticed it is getting more and more difficult to recreate those kind of moments. At this point, what I’m trying to do is to recapture the moments, to feel and imagine, and to play again as a child.

My works are usually based on memories, dreams, imaginations and my mom’s bedtime stories. I use drawing and painting as a medium to create a scenery I would love to live in, characters I would love to talk with, play with and some flying orcas who stop by at my balcony to have a cup of coffee with me every evening.

Thynn Lei Nwe (b. 1991) is a painter based in Yangon. She studied fine arts specialized in painting at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. She works in different mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture and ceramics. This exhibition is about a series of drawings mainly focusing on creating and recapturing the imaginary scenes of her memories in the past two years.

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